Maelstrom to be Replaced by 'Frozen' Ride

Announced by the Disney Parks site today, Maelstrom at Norway will soon be replaced by a ride based on Disney's recent animated movie 'Frozen.' No date was set yet as to when Maelstrom will close.

9/13 Updates:
Maelstrom's last day of operation is October 5 of this year as stated by its attraction page on Disneyworld.com.

According to a comment from the Disney Parks chairman, the 'Frozen' ride will open by early 2016.


Morocco's 30th Birthday

The Morocco pavilion turns 30 today! It was the first new country to join World Showcase on September 7, 1984, with its Restaurant el Marrakesh opening nine days later. Little has changed at Morocco over the years. Its most recent addition is the Spice Road Table restaurant. Check out this article on Morocco's 30th at the Disney Parks site.


Figment & Dreamfinder Comics

Figment and Dreamfinder will be featured in new comic books starting in June of this year. These will be released as Disney Kingdoms comics from Marvel. For a picture of how the characters will look and some more details, go to Geek and Sundry here and Inside the Magic here.


Spice Road Table Opens Tomorrow

The new Morocco eatery, Spice Road Table, will soft open tomorrow. Read about it at the Disney Parks site here. For a look at the menu of the new lagoon-side restaurant, check out AllEars.Net here.


Santa Dreamfinder & Figment Shirt

A new t-shirt with Dreamfinder as Santa Claus alongside Figment will be for sale at the Disney Parks online store from December 4 to 8. Go here to the Disney Parks site for details.


Horizons 30th Shirt

From November 21 to 25, the Disney Parks online store will be selling a special Horizons 30th Anniversary t-shirt. You will be able to customize the back of the shirt with one of three ride ending logos. Go here to the Disney Parks site for details.


New Club Cool Flavors

On October 30, new flavors will appear at Club Cool, including Inca Kola and Guarana Kuat. Go here to WDW News Today for a complete list of flavors.


Horizons' 30th Birthday!

"Horizons 1 is now departing. Our final destination today: the 21st Century."
"Hey, that's some destination!"

On October 1, 1983, Horizons opened. Horizons was a ride all about the future and how the family would live in the new tomorrow. Horizons closed in 1999 and was demolished in 2000 to make way for Mission: SPACE, which opened in 2003. Read more about it in our Horizons section.


Maelstrom's 25th

"Invaders! This is troll country!" Today Maelstrom turns 25, having opened on July 5, 1988, about two months after Norway opened on May 6. Check out the Disney Parks site here for a neat article on the Maelstrom's 25th with some fun facts.


Spice Road Table Coming to Morocco

A new lagoon-side restaurant called Spice Road Table will rise up at the Morocco pavilion by the end of the year. For more, go to the Disney Parks site here.


Journey Into Imagination's 30th

Today is Journey Into Imagination's 30th birthday! While the pavilion opened in October 1982, the Journey Into Imagination ride didn't open until March 5, 1983.


New France Bakery Now Open

On January 10, Boulangerie Patisserie les Halles opened at France. The bakery is much bigger than the original, Boulangerie Patisserie, and opens at 9 a.m. before the World Showcase opening of 11 a.m. The original bakery is being transformed into an ice cream parlor. For more, go to the Disney Parks site here.


New Test Track Now Open

The new "Test Track Presented by Chevrolet" opened on December 6. For details and a few images of the revamped ride, go to the WDW News site here.


D23 Magazine: Epcot 30th Article

The Winter 2012 issue of Disney twenty-three has an article called "30 Things You Just Might Not Know About Epcot." It includes quick takes on the early Space pavilion concepts, unbuilt World Showcase pavilions like Venezuela, and the original concept for Horizons. Look for the issue wherever D23 magazines are sold.


EPCOT Center's 30th Birthday!

Three decades ago, EPCOT Center opened at Walt Disney World. Opening in Future World were Spaceship Earth, CommuniCore, Universe of Energy, World of Motion, Journey Into Imagination, and The Land. Opening in World Showcase were Mexico, China, Germany, Italy, The American Adventure, Japan, France, United Kingdom, and Canada.


More 30th Collectibles

The Disney Parks site is showing more merchandise for Epcot's anniversary, including Vinylmation, a Duffy Bear, t-shirts, pins, and cell phone cases. Go to the Disney Parks site here for pictures and details. The site also has a list of events that will take place at Epcot on October 1 here.


Disney's Vintage Epcot Photos

In case you've missed them, here is a list of links to photo articles that the Disney Parks site has been doing about Epcot for its 30th anniversary:


Epcot's 30th Anniversary Goods
Shot Glasses, Shirts, Pins, and a Patch

Shot glasses with the old symbols, t-shirts, pins, and a pin that comes with a patch will be among the items released for Epcot's 30th anniversary this fall. Go to the Disney Parks site here for pictures of the collectibles.

Agent P's Adventure Now Open

Agent P's World Showcase Adventure has opened, replacing the Kim Possible Adventure. The new quest is based on the Disney Channel cartoon, "Phineas & Ferb." For pictures of Agent P's Adventure, go to the Disney World News site here, and for more details go to DisneyWorld.com here.


Tutto Gusto Now Open

A new quick-service eatery called Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar opened yesterday by Tutto Italia Ristorante in Italy. Along with wines, Tutto Gusto also features small menu items with Italian cheeses, meats, breads, pasta, and more. You can read about it and see pictures at the Disney Parks site here, and also at the Disney News site here.


New Test Track Concept Art

Concept art and a few details on the new Test Track can be found at the Disney Parks site here. The artwork shows the Test Track course as being dark with neon lights outlining objects.


Epcot's 30th Merchandise Preview

The Disney Parks site has put up some artwork of merchandise that will be released for Epcot's 30th anniversary this year. Check out the cool designs at the Disney Parks site here.


Agent P's World Showcase Adventure

The Disney Parks site has announced that the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure will be replaced this summer with Agent P's World Showcase Adventure. Based on the Disney Channel cartoon, "Phineas & Ferb," the new clue-solving escapade will have you helping Agent P (a.k.a. Perry the Platypus) stop evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz in seven of the World Showcase countries. For more, go to the Disney Parks site here.


Big Test Track Refurbishment

A Disney press release has announced that Test Track will go under refurbishment from April to fall of this year. When it reopens, the ride will include the "Chevrolet Design Center." There, you will be able to design your own vehicle, and then ride it in a 6-passenger "SimCar" on the Test Track.

As part of the refurbishment, Test Track will no longer be sponsored directly by GM, but instead by GM's Chevrolet company. For more on the refurbishment, read the press release at the WDW News site here.


Space Figment & Serpent Vinylmation

Figment in his silver space suit and the sea serpent from World of Motion are two figures in the new Vinylmation Park #7 series. The figures are on sale all around Walt Disney World. Click here for a picture of the back of the box showing all the figures in the series.


Walt Disney World's 40th Birthday!

Forty years ago today, Walt Disney World opened with the Magic Kingdom, the Contemporary, and the Polynesian Resorts. On October 25, the Grand Opening took place, and the next day the Electrical Water Pageant made its first run. Fort Wilderness opened just a few weeks later on November 19, 1971.


Kitchen Kabaret Vinylmation

Kitchen Kabaret characters are future Vinylmation figures, according to a recent picture on the Disney Parks Blog. The picture shows Mr. Dairy Goods, Mr. Mustard and other characters mixed in with food Vinylmantion. Check out the picture after scrolling down on the page here.


D23 Magazine is "Makin' Memories"

The Fall 2011 issue of Disney twenty-three is a Walt Disney World 40th special, complete with a story titled "Makin' Memories." It dives into past attractions such as Kitchen Kabaret, Journey into Imagination, River Country, The Mickey Mouse Revue, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, and many more.

Other stories in the issue are on Walt Disney World's opening year, Disney's mysterious land acquisition in Florida, Roy O. Disney, and more. Look for the issue in stores and wherever magazines are sold.


Chiquita to Sponsor Land Boat Ride

Chiquita will now sponsor Living with the Land, according to a press release at Chiquita's website. The fruit company's new partnership with Disney will also include sponsorship of Crush 'n' Gusher at Typhoon Lagoon, along with Chiquita products being available at Walt Disney World and the Disney Cruise Line. You can read the press release at their website here.


Pasta Piazza Menu

It's time for some Mickey-shaped pizza! A new picture of the Pasta Piazza menu, with images of the food, is now in the CommuniCore/ Innoventions section.


EPCOT Center at WDW 40th Event
Cool T-Shirt, Films, and More

At the Contemporary Resort on May 14 and 15, D23 will be presenting Destination D: Walt Disney World 40th. This ticketed event will showcase Walt Disney World from development in the 1960s to the EPCOT opening in 1982.

Among the specialty merchandise available will be a t-shirt with the original EPCOT Center logo. There will also be event logo pins with Figment, the Orange Bird, and the five-legged goat of Contemporary fame. To see the merchandise and read more about it, go to the D23 site here.

Many of the presentations at the event will feature EPCOT Center, including EPCOT: Walt Disney's Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow and From the Vault: Walt Disney World Resort on Film. To read about all of the presentations and more on Destination D: Walt Disney World 40th, go to the D23 site here.


10 Years on the Net

This month makes it ten years since this site went on the Internet in 2001. Whether you found it back then, or you found it for the first time today, thank you for visiting LOST EPCOT!


Epcot in Shanghai Disneyland?

According to an article at the Shanghai, China government site, Epcot may be a possible addition to Shanghai Disneyland in the future. The new Disneyland plans to contain three theme parks. It will open in 2015 with a Magic Kingdom. There are no details yet on the other two parks, but the article says Epcot and Animal Kingdom are potential candidates. For the Shanghai article, go here.


The Living Seas' 25th Anniversary

"And they rained... and rained... and rained..." On January 15, 1986, The Seas were born. To mark 25 years since The Living Seas opened, an anniversary pin was recently released at Walt Disney World. The pin has the watery Living Seas logo and Ariel on it. Go to the Disney Pin site here, for a picture and details on the pin.

SMRT-1 & Figment Vinylmation 3D Pins

To be released on January 13 at Walt Disney World and Disneyland is a new set of "Vinylmation 3D Pins," with two of the designs being SMRT-1 and Figment. The pins are carved as three-dimensional shapes. For a picture and details on the SMRT-1 pin, go to the Disney Pin site here. For the Figment pin, go here. For all of the pins in the set go here.

New Imagination Mystery Pin Set

Being released this month at Walt Disney World is a mystery pin set for Journey Into Imagination. The set contains concealed mystery pins from the original Journey Into Imagination, along with revealed pins from the newer Journey Into Imagination With Figment. You can see a picture of the revealed pins and one of the mystery pins at the Disney Pin Weblog by scrolling down to "December 15, 2010." The mystery pin they show is of Figment arranging his blocks to spell "B-A-T."


New Epcot Symbol Passport Pin Set

To be released on December 16 at Walt Disney World is a new boxed pin set called "Epcot Passport Collectors Set." The set has six pins that look like passport stamps with the past Epcot symbols. The six pins are: Journey into Imagination, The Land, The Living Seas, EPCOT, World Showcase, and Spaceship Earth. The set is limited to 500. For a picture and more info on the set, go to the Disney Pin Site here.

New "Living Seas to Nemo" Pin

To be released on December 2 at Walt Disney World is the final "Then and Now" pin-of-the-month with The Living Seas. It is a flip-spinner pin, and one side has The Living Seas symbol, while the other side has the The Seas with Nemo and Friends. For a picture and details on the pin, go to the Disney Pin Site here. For pictures and details on all of the "Then and Now" pins, go to this page at the Disney Pin site.


New Coffee Stand by Epcot Entrance

According to WDWMagic.com, a new stand with coffee, espresso, and pastries has just opened by the Epcot Monorail Station. The stand also serves soft drinks, hot chocolate, fruit smoothies, frozen cappuccino, and more. For pictures of the stand and the menu, go to WDWMagic.com here.


New Magic Journeys Pin

Being released today at Walt Disney World is a new "Magic Journeys to Honey, I Shrunk the Audience" flip-spinner pin. One side of the pin has a Magic Journeys sign, while the other side has Quark from Honey, I Shrunk the Audience. This is the eleventh pin in the "Then and Now" pin-of-the-month series. For a picture and details on the pin, go to the Disney Pin site here.

For pictures and details on all of the "Then and Now" pins so far, including last month's "Alien Encounter to Stitch's Great Escape" pin, go to this page at the Disney Pin site.


Duckburgians Trick or Treat at Epcot

Wak! It appears the residents of Duckburg have decided to have Halloween at Epcot this year, all while donning Epcot costumes. In our Downloads section, you'll see a picture we drew to celebrate Halloween, Epcot, and the Ducks!

If you would like our picture as a background on your computer, click here to go to our Downloads section.


Germany Caramel Shop Now Open

As announced by the Disney Parks Blog, a new caramel shop called Karamell-Küche ("Caramel Kitchen") opened at the Germany pavilion yesterday. The shop features all sorts of caramel goods, from homemade caramel corn and caramel apples to brownies and fugde. It is sponsored by the makers of Werther's Original Caramels, Storck USA, and all of the treats are made with Werther's caramel. For more on the new shop, go to the Disney Parks Blog here.

The caramel shop replaced the Glas und Porzellan collectibles shop.

France Givenchy Shop Now Open

According to AllEars.Net, the new Givenchy shop opened at the France pavilion on September 22. The shop offers fragrance, make-up, and skin-care products. According to the Disney Parks Blog, the shop is holding a special event through this weekend to celebrate its recent opening. The event features samples and special services. For more on the event, go to the bottom of the Disney Parks Blog article here.

The Givenchy shop replaced the library part of the Plume et Palette shop.


Expanded Mexico Eatery Now Open

After about nine months of reconstruction, Cantina de San Angel reopens today as a larger establishment that now houses both La Cantina de San Angel and La Hacienda de San Angel. La Cantina remains quick-service like in its previous incarnation, while La Hacienda is table-service.

According to the Disney Parks Blog, La Cantina has both indoor and outdoor seating. Around 2:30 in the afternoon, the indoor seating becomes closed to Cantina diners and converted to Hacienda seating for dinner. La Hacienda will take reservations for dates beginning with October 15. For more on the new dual-eatery (especially on La Hacienda) and some pictures, go to the Disney Parks Blog here. For general information and price on La Hacienda, go to its page on the Disney World site here.


Kodak/Imagination Deal has Ended

According to the Orlando Sentinel site, Kodak has ended its sponsorship deal with the Imagination pavilion. Except for the clearing of Kodak signage, the Sentinel article says that not much will change at the pavilion. Kodak will still, however, sponsor its picture spots and PhilharMagic in the Magic Kingdom. Kodak products will also still be sold at the parks. For more details, go to the Sentinel article here.

Kodak was one of the original EPCOT pavilion sponsors when the park opened in 1982.


Hamm & Eggz in Cake Form

Kitchen Kabaret's Hamm and Eggz are back - in cake form! Click here for a picture of a Hamm and Eggz cake we made. The stove is made out of four layers of marbled cake. In between the layers is a chocolate fudge filling, and coating the cake is butter cream. Mr. Hamm and Mr. Eggz are made out of rice cereal treats and covered in fondant.

New CommuniCore Pin

A new "CommuniCore to Innoventions" flip-spinner pin is being released today at Walt Disney World. On one side of the pin is SMRT-1 with the CommuniCore symbol, and on the other side is the Innoventions light bulb logo. This pin is the ninth pin in the "Then and Now" pin-of-the-month series. For a picture and details on the pin, go to the Disney Pin site here. For pictures and details on all of the "Then and Now" pins so far, go to this page at the Disney Pin site.


D23'ers Get EPCOT Symbol Patches
With Issue Featuring EPCOT Center

If you're a D23 Member, then you should be receiving a collectible EPCOT symbol patch with the Fall 2010 issue of the Disney twenty-three magazine. Each Member receives one of nine patches of the Future World symbols and the main EPCOT Center symbol. These patches are exclusive to D23 Members. A picture of The Living Seas patch can be seen at the bottom of our Living Seas section for merchandise and collectibles.

The patches go along with an extra-cool EPCOT Center story that leads the Fall 2010 issue of Disney twenty-three. Titled "A World of Tomorrow: Inside Walt's Last Dream," the eight-page story goes in depth on the making of EPCOT Center with Disney Legend Marty Sklar and author/futurist Ray Bradbury. The magazine may be purchased by anyone, but it only comes with a patch as part of the subscription for D23 Members. D23 is "The Official Community for Disney Fans," which launched in early 2009.


New Exhibit at Japan Gallery

A new exhibit has opened up at the Japan Bijutzu-kan Gallery called "Spirited Beasts: From Ancient Stories to Anime Stars." The news comes from this article at WDWMagic.com, where you can also find a picture gallery of the exhibit. The previous exhibit at the Bijutzu-kan Gallery was "Tin Toy Stories."


Via Napoli Opens August 5
To be Table-Service Only

According to the Disney Parks Blog, Italy's Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria will open August 5 as a table-service only restaurant for lunch and dinner. On August 6, Via Napoli will start taking reservations for dates beginning with September 10. The restaurant will take the Disney Dining Plan, charging one table-service credit per person per meal. For more details, go to the Disney Parks Blog article here.


New El Rio & World of Motion Pins

A new "El Rio Del Tiempo to Gran Fiesta Tour" flip-spinner pin is being released today throughout Walt Disney World. This pin is part of the "Then and Now" pin-of-the-month series. For a picture and more details on the pin, go to the Disney Pin site here.

To be released on August 12, is the "Then and Now - World of Motion to Test Track" pin. For a picture and more details on this pin, go to the Disney Pin site here. For pictures and details on all of the released or announced "Then and Now" pins, go to this Disney Pin site page.


Via Napoli to Open in August

According to the Disney Parks Blog, Italy's new Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria will open in August of this year. Fare will include wood-fired pizzas, pastas, salads, Piatti alla Parmigiana, gelato, and more. For the full menu, go to the Disney Parks Blog article here.

Although earlier speculation suggested that Via Napoli would also include a quick-service counter, the menu seems to indicate that it may only be a table-service restaurant.


Captain EO Now Open at Epcot

Captain EO, the "3-D Musical Motion Picture Space Adventure starring Michael Jackson," has returned to Imagination. There are some pictures of the current EO entrance, theater, and merchandise cart in an article over at the Orlando Attractions Magazine site.


New EPCOT Center Vinylmation

Currently on sale at WDW is the Vinylmation Park #4 series, which includes an EPCOT Center '82 figure. The figure has many of the old symbols with Spaceship Earth on the bottom. Vinylmation artwork for Dreamfinder and Figment (in coat and top hat) can currently be seen at Mouse Gear. These may be possible designs for future figures. Go to the bottom of our Centorium Merchandise section for pictures of the figure and artwork.

New Retro Epcot T-Shirts & Tumbler

In addition to the blue, green, and black t-shirts released last year, there are five new retro Epcot t-shirts on sale at Mouse Gear and other Epcot shops. There is also a blue tumbler with the original Epcot logo on sale at one of the shops on Showcase Plaza. Pictures of these items can be seen at the bottom of our Centorium Merchandise section.

Also, there is a new Mr. Toad's Wild Ride shirt on sale at the PhilharMagic shop in the Magic Kingdom.


Horizons Section Updates

"Attention please. Horizons 1 earth shuttle now available for boarding at Gate 22. Final boarding call for Horizons 1." Our Horizons section has been refitted with more detailed information and some more pictures.


New "Kitchen Kabaret to Soarin'" Pin

To be released at Walt Disney World on May 13 is a new flip-spinner pin with Kitchen Kabaret on one side and Soarin' on the other. On the Kitchen Kabaret side are characters Mr. Dairy Goods, Miss Cheese, and Mr. Eggz. The pin is part of the "Then and Now" pin-of-the-month series. Each pin in the series is limited edition of 1,000. Go to the Disney Pin site here for a picture and more info on the new pin.

Released earlier this year was the "Then and Now" pin for Horizons and Mission: SPACE. Other pins already released in this series include Mr. Toad's Wild Ride/Winnie the Pooh, Legend of the Lion King/PhilharMagic, and Timekeeper/Monster's, Inc. Laugh Floor. To find pictures and info on these pins, go to this Disney Pin site page.

Pins for World of Motion/Test Track and If You Had Wings/Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin are also planned to be released sometime this year, according to the Disney Pin site last August.


Captain EO Returns to Epcot

According to the Disney Parks Blog, Captain EO will return to Epcot on July 2. Starring Michael Jackson, the 3-D show originally ran from 1986 to 1994 at the Magic Eye Theater at Journey into Imagination. For its return, it will replace Honey, I Shrunk the Audience, the 3-D show that began running in 1994.

Captain EO is currently running again at Disneyland in California and it will return to Disneyland Paris on June 12 and Tokyo Disneyland on June 30. For the Disney Parks Blog article, go to their site here. There's more on Captain EO in our Imagination section.

4/29 Update: According to the press release for Captain EO's return, it will play at the theater for an undetermined length of time. Honey, I Shrunk the Audience is planned to eventually come back. You can find the detailed press release for EO's return to Epcot at the Walt Disney World News site.


Epcot Tattoo with Retro Design

Jason of Naples, FL, now has a tattoo on his arm with two of the Epcot pavilions, three of the symbols, and the sunrise-colored stripes that would often accompany the EPCOT Center symbol. The tattoo's bright colors were chosen to make it look as retro as possible. Click here to see a picture.

At the top of the tattoo are the two glass pyramids of Imagination. At the bottom is Spaceship Earth looking like it did on the first guide maps. The ground beneath Spaceship Earth extends left and right towards the symbols for Imagination and Horizons - his two favorite pavilions. The symbols connect to the stripes, which converge above Spaceship Earth at the EPCOT Center symbol. Jason plans to add more to the tattoo, saying that it is a work in progress.

The tattoo was done by Chris from Cherry Hill Tattoo Company of Naples. Thanks for sending it in, Jason!


New Pizzeria to be "Via Napoli"

According to a recent Disney press release, the new Pizzeria at Italy will be named "Via Napoli." Napoli is the Italian name for Naples, a seaport in southwest Italy known for its pizza. For the press release, go to the Walt Disney World News site here.

France to Receive New Givenchy Shop

The France pavilion will be receiving a new Givenchy brand shop this fall, with fragrance, make-up, and skin-care products. This was reported on a press release at the Walt Disney World News site here.


New Cantina & Pizzeria Concept Art

The Disney Parks Blog has put up some concept art of the two new eateries currently under construction at World Showcase. The new Cantina at Mexico looks to have a similar appearance to the previous Cantina. It will have 400 seats with both indoor and outdoor dining. The new pizzeria at Italy will have 300 seats, also with indoor and outdoor dining.

For the concept art and the full stories, go to the Disney Parks Blog here for the Cantina and here for the Pizzeria. For more details on the two restaurants, read the press release at the Walt Disney World News site here.

Country Survey at World Showcase

According to Screamscape.com, one of their readers was recently asked to take a survey at World Showcase, which asked which country they would most like to see added. The choices included Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Russia, and Other. The next question asked which current country's removal would make them the least upset. For Screamscape's full article, go over to their Epcot news section here.

This was just a survey like many done at Walt Disney World, and there was no indication that anything was actually going to be removed or built in the near future.


Tron to be on Monorails

According to the official Disney Parks Blog, monorails on the Epcot line will soon be wrapped in Tron artwork, complete with light cycles. The art will anticipate the release of Tron: Legacy coming to theaters in December of this year. To see some concept renderings of the art, and to read the full article, go to the Disney Parks Blog here.

Tron: Legacy is a sequel to Tron, which was released the same year Epcot opened in 1982. Tron is about a programmer who gets zapped into a computer where programs appear as human and video games mean life and death.

3/19 Update: The Tron-themed monorails can now be seen on the Epcot line. The official Disney Parks Blog has put up a picture of one zooming past Spaceship Earth. Go here for their full article and the picture.


World of Motion Section Updates

"It's fun to be free!" Our World of Motion section has been fueled up with more pictures and information, including more details on Transcenter.

Dedication of World of Motion TV Spot

Watch "The Dedication of the World of Motion: An EPCOT Moment" now in our video section. It's a short TV spot that aired on the Disney Channel in the 1980s.


IMB's SmarterPlanet Now Open

IMB's new exhibit called SmarterPlanet is now fully open at Innoventions. The exhibit allows guests to use computer kiosks to play games and participate in a poll. The exhibit is themed around using smarter technology to solve planet-wide problems such as high energy usage, traffic, food spoilage, and more.

Another part of the new exhibit is a computer game called Runtime. Runtime allows guests to become characters who can move through IBM's history. The entire exhibit is also a showcase for IBM's Smarter Data Center, a module which runs the exhibit. To read IMB's press release for SmarterPlanet, go to their site here.


Italy to Receive Fast-Food Eatery

According to the official Disney Parks Blog, the Italy pavilion will be receiving a brand new quick-service pizzeria this fall. The pizzeria will be presented by the Patina Restaurant Group - the same group behind Tutto Italia, the pavilion's table-service restaurant. The fare will include pizza and other Italian dishes. For the full article, go to the Disney Parks Blog here.

Mexico Cantina Expansion

According to the Orlando Business Journal website, Mexico's outdoor eatery, Cantina de San Angel, will be reopening with a new bigger area this fall. The eatery is already closed and under reconstruction.

The new restaurant will be almost three and a half times larger than the old one, accommodating many more guests. The restaurant will feature table-service dining, while also continuing quick-service dining. For the full article, go the the Orlando Business Journal site here.


More Tattoo Fun: Symbols on the Back

A huge Epcot fan since it opened, Suzanne Barrett can now show off five of the symbols tattooed vertically down her back. Starting from the top, they go: The Living Seas, Horizons, World of Motion, Imagination, and CommuniCore - all bold in black. Click here to see some pictures.

The tattoos were done by Jeremy Blaze of Blaze Ink in Winnipeg, Canada. Thank you for sending it in, Suzanne!


Symbols Tattooed in Unique Colors

Epcot fan, Erica Erkkila, now has a tattoo of the Epcot symbols linked around her arm - each in a unique color scheme inspired by its pavilion. Click here to see a picture.

Spaceship Earth is lit in purples and pinks like the pavilion at night. Energy is powered with sun colors. The Living Seas contains an ocean scheme. The Land is made up of greens and golds, and Imagination is Figment-colored with the Mind's Eye at the center. Imagination also lends its Rainbow Tunnel scheme to World of Motion. The Horizons, CommuniCore, and EPCOT Center symbols are also part of the tattoo.

The tattoo was done by artist Jana Simpson. Thanks for sending it in, Erica!

Captain EO at Disneyland in 2010

The official Disney Parks Blog stated today that Captain EO will return to Disneyland in February 2010. According to the article, it will return for an "exclusive, limited engagement" at the California park. To read the full article, go to the Disney Parks Blog here.

There's still no word yet on whether or not EO will return to the Imagination pavilion at Epcot.


Wonders of Life Section Updates

Wonders of Life opened 20 years ago today on October 19, 1989. To celebrate, we've added in more info and pictures to our Wonders of Life section, including Body Wars, Cranium Command, and Pure & Simple.


Fan's "Century 3" Horizons Guitar

Named after Horizons' initial working name, Century 3 is Kyle Bodshaug's guitar that just got adorned with its name and the Horizons symbol. Click here to see a picture. The symbol also decorates the amplifier. All of his customization is done Awesome Brown, an artist who's also into EPCOT Center.

Kyle is part of Hadley's Hope, a band in Orlando. EPCOT Center is a huge influence on the band. Kyle even wears his Horizons memorial hat to all of their shows for good luck. Thank you for sending it in, Kyle!

Sum of all Thrills Now Open

Raytheon's Sum of all Thrills opened today at Innoventions. Guests get to design their own thrill ride with a roller coaster, bobsled, or jet plane theme. They then get to ride their creation in a KUKA RoboSim 4-D simulator. Find out more at Raytheon's website here.

Sum of all Thrills follows in the footsteps of Compute-a-Coaster, Epcot's original create-your-own-coaster exhibit, once part of Computer Central at CommuniCore.


Odyssey Cast Member Interview

Find out all about the Odyssey Restaurant in this interview with John Maimone, a former Cast Member who worked there from 1982 to 1985. Find out what the crowds were like those first few years, what was on the menu, and much more. Thanks John, for all your info!


30th Anniversary of Groundbreaking

Today marks 30 years since the official groundbreaking of EPCOT Center began on October 1, 1979. The park would officially open three years later on October 1, 1982. For some construction footage, check out the Souvenir Program video at about 13:26.


Fan gets Epcot Symbol Tattoos

Epcot fan, Keith Di Giannantonio, now sports six tattoos of EPCOT Center symbols on his forearms. Click here to see a picture of his symbol tattoos for Spaceship Earth, The Land, Imagination, Horizons, The Living Seas, and CommuniCore. For lack of space on his arms, he chose to omit Energy and World of Motion. Thanks for sending it in, Keith!


Captain EO Returns to Disneyland?

An article from the L.A. Times stated that Disney CEO Bob Iger and other Disney officials watched Captain EO at its old Disneyland theater this week to determine whether or not it could be re-released for the public. Iger said, "There aren't plans to bring back Captain EO at this time," but also said, "We are looking at it."

A possible return to Epcot wasn't mentioned. For the full L.A. Times article, click here. For more info on Captain EO, go to our Imagination section.


New Horizons & Motion Pins

A series of "Then and Now" flip-spinner pins will be released monthly starting in Jan. 2010. Included in the series will be a pin for Mission:SPACE/Horizons and Test Track/World of Motion. For more info and a picture of the SPACE/Horizons pin, go to the Disney Pin site here and scroll to "August 11."

Food & Wine '09 Pin has 1982 Look

The logo pin for the upcoming Food and Wine Festival looks like Spaceship Earth as it did on the first guide map from 1982, but decorated as an apple. For more info and a picture, go to the Disney Pin site here.


"And now your host, Walter Cronkite"

The iconic news anchor Walter Cronkite died today at 92. Disney fans will remember him as the narrator for the "Tomorrow's Child" version of Spaceship Earth, along with his role alongside Robin Williams in "Back to Neverland" (once part of the Magic of Disney Animation at Hollywood Studios).


Michael Jackson was "Captain EO"

In memory of Michael Jackson, we've added in more Captain EO info and pictures. More Magic Journeys info and a new picture has also been added.


World Showcase Section Updates

Our World Showcase section has been amped up with more details on each Showcase pavilion, the fireworks and laser shows, the Odyssey, and more. A new picture section on the lost Norway Viking Ship has also been added.


Donald Duck's Birthday!

Donald Duck celebrated his 75th birthday on June 9 of this year. To commemorate the Duck's milestone, a section all on Donald's 50th Birthday celebration and parade at Disney World has been added to our More WDW section.
6/29 Update: Watch pictures added.


New Retro Pin Sets

Later this year, an Epcot retro box set will be released with six pins: Future World, EPCOT Center logo, World Showcase, Figment and Dreamfinder, opening day ticket, and Spaceship Earth. Also to be released is a separate Figment and Dreamfinder set. For pictures, go to the Disney Pin Trading site and scroll to "April 12, 2009" or "April 10."


Spaceship Earth Video

A new video showing Spaceship Earth as it was when Jeremy Irons narrated it is now in our video section.


Energy Section Updates

Our Universe of Energy section has been refurbished with more info and more pictures.

Energy Back to Original Color Scheme

The Universe of Energy's stripes that run vertically down the sides of the building are being repainted back to the original red, orange, and yellow color scheme, after being rainbow colored since 1996. For some pictures of the overhaul, go to this gallery at WDWMagic.com.


Space Suit Figment Sculpture

A new sculpted figure called Space Suit Figment: Journey into Imagination will be released on April 25 at the Art of Disney, Epcot.

CommuniCore Symbol on New Pin

In early March, a new Epcot passport pin (part of a series of 5) was released with a CommuniCore symbol stamped on its entries.


Retro Gear Still Selling

Retro shirts and hats are still selling at Epcot, including the Dreamfinder shirt at the Imagination shop.

Over in the Magic Kingdom, a new shirt with Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is on sale.

Kim Possible Adventure

A new attraction for Epcot this year is the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure, where you get to use a phone to solve clues and interact with certain objects at seven World Showcase pavilions.

Expanded Message Boards

We've expanded our Message Boards to include a few more generalized WDW forums, including one on dining and one on resorts. Drop by and become a member!


New Video is Up

Check out the 1991 "A Day at EPCOT Center" - a 27 min. VHS tape with all of the original pavilions.


The Land Section Updates

We've expanded our Land history section and added in more pictures to the various sub-sections.


Regis, Skyleidoscope, & More

If you didn't catch the WDW Christmas Parade on TV, then you missed out on some cool clips of Epcot past - but don't worry. We have the clips of Regis Philbin with the old World Showcase Lagoon show "Skyleidoscope" and more, posted right here.


More Pins in 2009

Dizpins.com has posted some pin concept art for the Disney Pin Celebration 2009. Among the group is a large Dreamcatcher machine with Figment and Dreamfinder. Another cool lost attraction shown here is the Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, complete with squid tentacles and Captain Stitch. Be sure to check out the pictures here.


Tasty Holiday Horizons

Hungry for a Horizons pavilion made entirely out of candy? Check out the post over on our message boards.


Mickey's Birthdayland!

In honor of the Mouse's 80th birthday today, we've opened up our More WDW section with its first sub-section Birthdayland/Starland. For an extra super birthday bonus, we've also added in some Mickey's 60th omnibus pictures from World Showcase.


New SMRT-1 Toy

WDW will be releasing a mystery Mickey figurine set in January, with one of the Mickey's painted to look just like SMRT-1. For full info and a picture of the upcoming release go over to this member's post at WDWMagic.com.

Recent Imagination Pin Release

An Imagination CD pin has been released as part of a cast exclusive WDI set. The pin features Figment and the words "Journey into Imagination" done in the old Future World font with the Imagination symbol. For full info and a picture of the pin go to Dizpins.com.


Magic Journeys Sign

New picture has been added here.


Imagination Section Updates

Our Imagination section has been revamped with more info and more pictures, incuding pictures of recent jumbo pins.

Upcoming Pin Release

WDW will be releasing the pin "Where Dreams Come True - Figment" on Oct. 30. The pin is of Figment dreaming of being with Dreamfinder again. Go here for details and an image of the new pin.


"The Deluge..."

An MP3 of The Living Seas Movie audio is now available in Downloads.


New Video is Up

Watch the 22 min. 1983 "EPCOT Center: A Souvenir Program."


"StormStruck" Now Open

"StormStruck: A Tale of Two Homes" is now open at Innoventions East. With 3-D glasses and interactive technology, the attraction allows guests to feel what it's like to be caught in severe weather, such as hurricanes.


New Dreamfinder Shirts on Sale

A new t-shirt featuring Dreamfinder, Figment, and the Imagination symbol is now on sale at Epcot shops such as Mouse Gear. For a picture of the shirt, click here.


CommuniCore Section Updates

We now have extensive entries for each of the CommuniCore attractions, along with many new pictures.


Splash into River Country!

It's an All-American Water Party as we branch off from Epcot and introduce our new expansion pack River Country!


Living Seas Section Updates

We've updated our Living Seas history and pictures, and we've also added a brand new sub-section, The Living Seas Cast Member Guide.


Upcoming Pin Releases

Five limited edition White Glove EPCOT Center pins will be released at Epcot on July 1. The five pins are: CommuniCore, Horizons, Imagination, Spaceship Earth, and The Land. LE 750 each. $15 each. Go over to Dizpins.com for full info and pictures on the releases.


New Smilies in Forums

Become a member of our Message Boards and use our new Epcot-themed smiley icons!


Spaceship Earth Section Updates

Taking into account all of the changes that took place between the Jeremy Irons-era Spaceship Earth and the current Siemens version, we've updated our Spaceship Earth history, ride pictures, exterior pictures, and post ride pictures.


Video is Up

Visit our video section and check out 9 different commercials and clips of past EPCOT.

Recent Pin Release

At WDW: Jumbo "Magical Monorail Collection" Figment pin with Dreamfinder's machine and purple colors reminiscent of the original Imagination queue murals. Has sliding doors that reveal Dreamfinder with Figment in the rainbow tunnel at Image Works. Has 3 pin backs. LE 750. $25.

Retro Shirts and Hats still on Sale

A few different t-shirts with ye ol' EPCOT Center designs are still on sale at Epcot, including the classic 3/4-sleeved rainbow symbol shirt. Check out the shops at Showcase Plaza. Also still on sale are black baseball caps with the EPCOT symbol. Check out the Mission: SPACE shop for the hats.

25th Exhibit still Going

If you haven't been there yet, be sure to check out the Epcot 25th Anniversary Gallery in Innoventions West. You can look at displays and memorabilia from years past. The entrance is accessible from the outside and is located adjacent to the Character Spot.


Spring Fever!

Three new springtime pictures have been added to Spaceship Earth Exterior, and four new pictures to Universe of Energy!


Recent Pin Releases

At WDW: Jumbo Dreamfinder and Figment pin, set against a pair of mouse ears with the pavilion's pyramids and Dreamfinder's machine in the background - limited edition

At Disneyland, CA, and WDW: Figment (dressed as Hamilton) $10 bill pin - open stock

For full information and pictures on the releases, go on over to Dizpins.com.


LOST EPCOT.com is now fully operational. All the content from our previous domain has been brought over. However, the video section is still being built.

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