"The Future of Transportation is Here"
A model on display
People could watch you design your car in Aerotest.
Like a virtual wind tunnel, you could test your car to see how fast it could go and how much fuel it would take in Aerotest.
A screen showing the "design your own car" feature in Aerotest
Dreamers Workshop
The Dreamers Workshop
Part of the aerodynamics area in Dreamers Workshop
An area showing off tools and models
solar car
In Dreamers Workshop: a car with photovoltaic cells in the roof that would help power the electric motor by transforming the sunlight into electric power
red car
Sketches, models, and car skeletons were in Dreamers Workshop.
blue car
Skeleton of a futuristic blue car
The Transeat was like a futuristic wheelchair meant for the elderly. The wheels were specially made to create a smooth ride.
Aero Freighter
Sketches and models of the Aero Freighter - a futuristic and fuel-efficient truck
Model of the Maglev - a futuristic high-speed train, which uses electromagnets to lift itself off the track and move forward.
The Wilderbus was a futuristic bus made with off-road touring in mind. It could hold 50 passengers.
Aero 2000
This was the futuristic Aero 2000 with a skeleton overlay.
Aero 2000
The Aero 2000 was sleek in design with minimal wind resistance.
Aero 2000
Inside of the Aero 2000 we can see the video screens that would show maps of routes for the driver.
Aero 2000
The Aero 2000 on its fancy red turntable
Lean Machine
The sub-subcompact Lean Machine on display at the pavilion's entrance. The vehicle was meant for navigating congested streets and eliminating wasted passenger space. It was very fuel-efficient.
The Bird and the Robot
"The Bird and the Robot" show
The Bird and the Robot
The robot, named Tiger, was a robotic car-manufacturing arm. The bird, named Bird (or "Boid" as he pronounced it in his New York accent), was a cigar-smoking show-biz toucan.
The Bird and the Robot
Tiger holds up an applause sign.
Concept to Reality
This is Concept to Reality - GM's showroom for current cars and trucks.
Created April 2001
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