Souvenirs, such as brochures, guide maps and other free stuff, have been around at Epcot since before it opened. The Epcot guide map (or guide book) has changed every year and in between. The first 1982 guide map was set up like a wheel. You would turn the wheel to the pavilion of your choice, and then another part of the wheel would line up and give you information and the location of that pavilion. Since then all of the guide maps have been the standard verticle booklet style.

The eateries and drink stops in Epcot have always given away souvenir cups and mugs with the purchase of a certain drink size. Toys and placemats have also come with meals.

For pictures and info on pavilion-specific sourvenirs go to:

- scroll down for a guide map
Universe of Energy
- scroll down for a once-free comic book
World of Motion
- scroll down for a brochure

For pictures and info on souvenirs that were sold as merchandise go to:

The Land Merchandise
Centorium Merchandise
Imagination Merchandise
The Living Seas Merchandise

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