Universe of Energy

Energy outside
An outside view of Universe of Energy
Energy sign
Close up of the Universe of Energy sign
Energy outside
Another outside view
Energy long shot
Far off view
Take a look at that queue line!
Energy sign
The Energy sign surrounded by flowers
Flowers decorating the outside
Energy symbol sign
Another sign, actually on the building, when it was presented by Exxon
repainted Universe of Energy
The repainted Universe of Energy from 1996-2009, which was rainbow colored instead of just reds/oranges
ExxonMobil blue sign
The ExxonMobil blue sign for Universe of Energy - the "ExxonMobil" was removed in 2004 because the sponsorship ended.
An ExxonMobil sign inside the building
preshow concept
Concept art for the preshow with the turning cubes
The preshow film showing windmills
Another part of the preshow on the turning cubes
The cars entering the dinosaur area with the curtains raising up
Energy cars
The Primeval World
An edaphosaurus
Everyone's favorite brontosauruses
A baby brontosaurus
Boiling lava - the lava was made with a gelatinous substance with orange dye and black-light pigment.
A stegosaurus and allosaurus do battle
fight repainted
All of the dinosaurs were repainted brighter colors when Universe of Energy reopened in 1996 with Ellen's Energy Adventure.
bubbling liquid
A dinosaur in a pit of bubbling liquid
That same dinosaur that was once in the pit of bubbling liquid is now surrounded by plants as of 1996.
A pteranodon
The hungry long-necked elasmosaurus lunges out
Theater II
The show after the dinosaurs in Theater II (the EPCOT Energy Information Center)
Theater II
Another part of the show with an oil rig
Theater II
Another part of the show with an oil worker
Theater II
A rocket being sent to find energy sources in space
Solar energy panels
Dinosaur construction
A free comic that was once handed out after the ride
Created April 2001
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