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Opening day special edition commemorative ticket
1980s Walt Disney World gift box
wet paint
The Epcot wet paint sign, first printed in 1987
Leave a Legacy
Holidays Around The World 1998 Kid's Guide
Science Jam
The 1998 Epcot Science Jam brochure
Kids' Guide
A Kid's Guide circa 1998
Kid's Guide
A Kid's Guide featured from around 2001 to 2004
2000 guide
The commemorative program for the 2000 celebration
Leave a Legacy
The Leave a Legacy brochure from 1999
Leave a Legacy
The later Leave a Legacy brochure
2000 guide
The Flower & Garden Festival guide for 2002
A year 2000 Test Track Fastpass
A year 2003 Living with the Land Fastpass
Food & Wine
The Food & Wine Festival Guide for 2007
Created April 2001
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