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Figment pin
Figment pin
Figment button
Figment button - 2"
Figment necklace round
Figment gold necklace
Figment necklace
Figment necklace body
Fiment necklace
Figment necklace head
Figment earrings
Figment earrings
Figment earrings
Figment earrings
Figment pencil
Figment pencil
Figment light
Figment night light
Figment ceramic
Figment glossy ceramic figurine - 3.5" tall
Figment magician
Figment magician PVC - 2.5" tall
Figment lifter
Figment weight lifter PVC - 2.5" tall
Figment plain
Figment PVC - 2.5" tall
Figment artist
Figment artist PVC - 2.5" tall
Figment Mexican
Figment Mexican (newer version) PVC - 2.5" tall
Figment squeeker toy
Figment squeaky toy - 7" tall
Figment bank
Figment bank- 6.5" tall
Figment large plush
Figment large plush - 1982 version
Figment small plush
Figment small plush
Figment large new plush
Figment large plush - newer version
Figment puppet
Figment puppet plush
Figment bean bag
Figment mini bean bag - 1998
Figment hat
Figment hat
Figment baseball cap
Figment baseball cap
Figment poster
Figment poster
Figment pin
Figment pin - newer
Figment ornament
Figment Christmas ornament
Figment patch
Figment patch
Figment patch
Figment patch
Figment magnet
Figment magnet - 1982
Figment switch
Figment light switch - 1982
Figment plate
Figment plate - 1985
Figment towel
Figment towel
Figment keychain
Figment keychain
jumbo pin
2008 jumbo pin - 3" wide, 2.75" tall - limited to 1,000 - Wonderland Music, Inc. 1981 on back
open doors
Open doors of pin shown below
jumbo monorail pin
2008 "Magical Monorail Collection" jumbo pin - 6.5" wide, 1,75" tall - limited to 750
A Dreamfinder and Figment shirt released in fall 2008
Space Suit Figment: Journey into Imagination scuplture released on April 25, 2009, at Art of Disney, Epcot - Note the colors are the same as they were in the original ride
Walt Disney World Books and Music on Amazon.com
  • Walt Disney World Millennium Celebration
  • Walt Disney World 15th Anniversary Edition
  • Walt Disney World Official Album
  • The Magic of Disneyland and Walt Disney World
  • Walt Disney World Epcot Center a Pictorial Souvenir-1982
  • The Story And Song From The Haunted Mansion
  • Walt Disney World: A Magical Year By Year Journey
  • Disney's Electrical Parade
  • Disney Magic Kingdom Event Party Music CD
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