Magic Journeys
The entrance into the Magic Eye Theater when it held Magic Journeys
A clown on stilts in the Magic Journeys show
clown again
The child's imagination in Magic Journeys produced the clown.
more clown
Let's have another shot of that clown!
A scene out in a field in Magic Journeys
sign at Comedy Warehouse
The Magic Journeys sign would finally end up at the Comedy Warehouse at Pleasure Island. Picture taken Sept. 2008.
Captain EO
Michael Jackson starred in the next 3-D show Captain EO.
SPOILER WARNING: The following pictures may spoil the show if you are planning to see the re-released Captain EO on a upcoming trip.
Captain EO's ship makes way for the planet where he must present a gift to the Supreme Leader.
enemy ship
One of the Leader's ships fires on EO.
The enemy ship shoots lasers at EO's ship.
Captain EO at the controls as his ship is under fire
Fuzzball - part of EO's crew
More of the crew - the two-headed Geex, Idy and Ody
Another crewmember - the clumsy Hooter
Hooter would accidentally eat the map that EO and the crew needed to find the landing beacon. Hooter: "I think I ate it!"
Dick Shawn as Commander Bog
EO and crew
After crash-landing on the eerie planet, EO and his crew must find the Supreme Leader.
Hooter attempts to disguise himself with a wastebasket.
One of the Leader's goons
Supreme Leader
The Supreme Leader (played by Anjelica Huston) meets EO after her goons take him to her.
Supreme Leader
The Supreme Leader was also known as the Witch.
EO tells the Leader about the gift he has brought her - a gift with sound.
Major Domo
Another of EO's crew - Major Domo
Minor Domo
Minor Domo transforming into a sound system and keyboard to aid in EO's song and dance
Major Domo
To aid EO's song and dance, Major Domo shoots his leg/guitar off and turns himself into a drum set. He then pulls a microphone out of his head for EO.
The bumbling Hooter crashes into the sound system, spoiling the deal. The Leader's goons surround EO, but then Hooter managaes to fix the system.
Right when Hooter fixes the sound system, EO is able to blast away the goons with his music power.
Captain EO
EO uses his music power to transform the Leader's goons into dancers.
"We Are Here to Change the World" dance
Fuzzball plays the electric guitar that shot off of Major Domo.
The Geex play the Major Domo drums.
Hooter plays the keyboard. Hooter looks very similar here to Max Rebo from Return of the Jedi.
EO moonwalking.
blue hands
EO finally uses all of his power to convert the evil Supreme Leader.
EO's song and dance power becomes so strong it causes a blast of energy.
Supreme Leader
EO's song and dance power converts the evil Leader into a beautiful woman.
rainbow shirt
EO reveals his rainbow shirt.
As the cast leaves, Fuzzball flies up as a 3-D effect.
EO's ship blasts off into space.
Created April 2001
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