Journey Into Your Imagination sign
The Journey Into Your Imagination sign
sign and map
Another sign with Journey Into Your Imagination and map outside of the pavilion
In the queue line there was a sign of the different departments guests would be going through.
beginning of ride
Dr. Nigel Channing introduces you to the ride.
beginning of ride
Figment makes an appearance in Journey into Your Imagination.
color department
The color department
Different illusions played tricks on guests eyes, such as this room under a looking glass. There was also a monarch that was in cage at one glance and gone the next (this effect is still featured in the newer Journey into Imagination with Figment ride). Another one was fish that swam out of the tank.
upside down bath
The gravity department was an upside down house with a bathroom.
upside down bathroom
The upside down bathroom
upside down livingroom
The upside down living room
Studebaker sign
The upside down garage area with a Studebaker car sign
upside down kitchen
The upside down kitchen
Figment made another appearance in the dimensions department that had dots that formed different objects.
The end of the ride placed guests in front of a screen that checked their thoughts and imagination and showed them thinking about more than what they were at the beginning of the ride when the same scan was done.
Created April 2001
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