inside innoventions 1996
Innoventions in 1996 had a lot of neon-like signs.
Lego man
Lego Dacta used to feature an exhibit in Innoventions.
Innoventions car
A car exhibit in 1996
Sega exhibit
Sega was once a major sponsor at Innoventions.
He's the Science Guy!
Bill Nye the Science Guy once had an exhibit in Innoventions.
Live Wire Theater
The Live Wire Theater featured an Audio-Animatronics robot.
A room in Innoventions in 1996
corn car
A corn car seen outside Innoventions in 1999
Stay Puft
The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man stood in a case near the House of Innoventions.
House of Innoventions
The House of Innoventions
A self-flushing, self-cleaning toilet featured in the House of Innoventions
A standing super-wheelchair featured in the House of Innoventions
Mission: Space preview
Prior to it's opening, Mission: Space had a preview center in Innoventions.
Facts about space travel and a moon-weight scale at the preview center
inside Innoventions
A look at Innoventions in 2002
Ultimate Home Theater
The Ultimate Home Theater Experience
Tom Morrow's playground
Tom Morrow's playground
vacation robot
A vacationing robot seen outside Innoventions
map brochure
A map brochure once handed out at Innoventions
Created April 2001
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