Concept art for the pavilion
The pavilion at night
Gyro was an interactive robot who wandered around CommuniCore and Future World.
Gyro sporting an EPCOT hat
symbol sign
The pavilion symbols on this sign are hardly seen anymore.
SMRT-1 (Smart One) was an interactive and friendly robot who would talk with guests at Computer Central.
SMRT-1 has often been cited as CommuniCore's mascot
Computer Central
Computer Central, home of the "Astuter Computer Revue"
Julie, the hostess of "Backstage Magic," which replaced the "Astuter Revue" at Computer Central
The population counter at the Great American Census Quiz (at Computer Central)
An area shot with the population counter
Manufactory (at Computer Central)- assemble the flag correctly and Mickey would appear
The Taxi Game at Energy Exchange
The build your own roller coaster game Compute-a-Coaster (at Computer Central)
This Beaver hosted Compute-a-Coaster - his voice was similar to Gopher's from "Winnie the Pooh"
Results of a Future Choice Theater poll at Electronic Forum
Energy Exchange
Energy Exchange
Coal Locator
Coal Locator at Energy Exchange - the blue rings represent the U.S. with 25% of the world's coal
Oil Shale
Oil Shale at Energy Exchange - the 30,000 pound piece contained enough oil to provide fuel for one car for one year
Drilling equipment/tools at Energy Exchange - 1. A mill tooth bit used for chipping away rock; 2. A tungsten carbide insert bit, which crushes rock as it rotates; 3. A diamond bit used on the hardest rocks; 4. A polycrystalline bit
Video Bicycle
The Video Bicycle at Energy Exchange - seven day's worth of pedaling would produce as much energy as a gallon of gas
Photovoltaic cells
The people here have stopped the Photovoltaic Cells from rotating by placing their hands between the cells and the light (at Energy Exchange)
Information Fountain
The Information Fountain at FutureCom in CommuniCore West
Information Fountain
Close-up of the Fountain of Information
The Age of Information
At FutureCom: a full sized animated sculpture of communication technologies, "The Age of Information"
The Age of Information
Another shot of the sculpture
The Age of Information
A close-up of the "Age of Information." Photo provided by Paul Avram.
The Age of Information
The woman was like a phone's keypad. Photo provided by Paul Avram.
The Age of Information
The people would open up. Photo provided by Paul Avram.
The Age of Information
See the Mickey clock in the right corner. Photo provided by Paul Avram.
A-mazing Microchip
Lost in the A-mazing Microchip at FutureCom
Expo Robotics
Expo Robotics at CommuniCore West
Created April 2001
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