The Centorium in 1985
Centorium upstairs
This shot was taken from the upstairs area.
Figment inside the Centorium
Donald hovered in the Centorium in 1987.
The Centorium in 1993
Centorium window
This is one of Centorium's windows with Figment in it.
Centorium inside
The inside in 1993
Centorium sign
A sign for the Centorium on a directions board
Centorium banner
A Centorium banner sign seen outside it's doors in the year 1999
Centorium inside 1999
An inside look at the Centorium in 1999, it was temporarily moved to the other side while Mouse Gear was being built and occupied a hallway on the West side.
Centorium inside 1999
Another look at the inside in 1999 - the temporary hallway
Created April 2001
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