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Cranium Command sign
The entrance and sign for Cranium Command
Cranium Command sign
Up close of the entrance area
Cranium Command newer sign
The newer Cranium Command sign showing Buzzy and the General
Part of the animated preshow with General Knowledge talking to the recruits
Up close of General Knowledge
The inside theater had multiple screens showing the different body and brain parts working.
Buzzy at the controls
new Buzzy
The newer Buzzy model
More of inside the theater: The two large round screens on the left and right are views through the boy's eyes.
The theater had a lot of special effects, incuding mist that looked like smoke and flashing lights.
looking out the eye
Buzzy looks out one Bobby's eyes, while he makes Bobby find his shoe under his pillow and get ready for school.
Buzzy again
Walt Disney World Books and Music on Amazon.com
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  • Disney Magic Kingdom Event Party Music CD
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