Land sign
The Land sign when it was sponsored by Kraft
Land outside
An outside shot of The Land pavilion
The Land surrounded by gardens - notice the second smaller dome that used to be near the entrance.
The Land's exterior prior to the overhaul that came with Soarin'.
newer sign
The Land sign (1993-2004), now presented by Nestle
Listen to the Land
The Land boat ride, Listen to the Land
Part of the Creative House on Listen to the Land: The large spinning drum was used to give lettuce a g-force, which would mimic Earth's gravity in space.
Land Grille Room
Another part of the Creative House: An A-frame growing cucumbers
Good Turn
Good Turn Restaurant, before it became the Land Grille Room, with a view of the rest of The Land
Land Grille Room
Land Grille Room, before it became the Garden Grill
Farmers Market
Farmers Market, the food court in The Land from 1982 to 1993. The rooster above the clock would crow.
Farmers Market
The eating area of Farmers Market
Farmers Market eating area
The hot air balloons floated against a sky-painted ceiling
Farmers Market
The hot air balloons represented different food groups. Today, they represent the different seasons. Photo provided by Paul Avram.
BBQ stand
The BBQ stand at Farmers Market - it was still part of Sunshine Season Food Fair.
Part of the Cheese Shoppe
Cheese Shoppe
The Kraft Cheese Shoppe at Farmers Market
Potato Store
The Potato Store at Farmers Market
The darker hot air balloons that hovered during the Food Rocks era of The Land (1993-2004, although Food Rocks didn't open unit 1994)
eating area
The darker eating area during the Food Rocks era
Food Fair sign
The Sunshine Season Food Fair sign
Soup, Salad and Sandwich
The Soup, Salad and Sandwich sign at Sunshine Season Food Fair
Pasta & Potato
The Pasta & Potato sign at Sunshine Season Food Fair
Ice Cream
The Ice Cream sign at Sunshine Season Food Fair
Fresh Produce
The Fresh Produce area
The Land early in the morning reveals an empty eatery.
eating area
Another shot of the Food Rocks era eatery
The fountain in all its glory
The wooden Land symbol on the back wall, with "rain" coming off one of the balloons down onto the fountain on the right
The fountain again with a glimpse of the Food Rocks sign in the back
The Food Rocks era tray
food pyramid
A food pyramid that was situated next to Food Rocks and the Green Thumb Emporium
Green Thumb Emporium
The Green Thumb Emporium (1993-2004)
Green Thumb Emporium
Foreground: a tiny wooden cucumber (other tiny wooden vegetables were also for sale). Background: Mickey's Beanstalk plants for sale.
Green Thumb Emporium
Tiny wooden squash for sale in a tiny wooden basket
Green Thumb Emporium
Tiny wooden peppers
Living with the Land FastPass machines
Cool trashcan
The wall near the Garden Grill from the early 1990s to 2004
Junior Chef
Junior Chef allowed kids to make and eat cookies.
Junior Chef
The second Junior Chef sign from 2005 to 2008. It closed in early 2008.
Junior Chef
The Cast Member at Junior Chef doing cookie work with the kids
The area in summer 2004 with a section already boarded off for Soarin'
Close-up of the Soarin' sign
A map in summer 2004
The map's replacement sign, which has been in use since 2005 (except that Jr. Chef is no longer there)
Created April 2001
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