Food Rocks
The Food Rocks sign above the entrance/lobby
dairy and fruit
Billboards showing off the characters in the waiting lobby
Fud Wrapper
This billboard showed the star, Fud Wrapper.
Food Rocks sign
The sign featured at the top of the stage
cheese grater
The show opened with the U-Tensils, which included a drumming cheese grater.
Peach Boys
The Peach Boys sang one of the first songs.
Refrigerator Police
Mr. Dairy returns! The only surviving member of the original group is now part of the Refrigerator Police.
Pita Gabriel
Pita Gabriel makes an appearance.
Fud Wrapper
Fud Wrapper was the star of Food Rocks.
junk food
Unlike Kitchen Kabaret, Food Rocks had villains. These junk foods sang the infamous "We Love Junk" song.
The finale of the show featured the whole cast including the Get-The-Point Sisters (candy bars) and the Cher fish.
Also in the show and the finale were the U-Tensils and Little Richard the pineapple.
Mr. Dairy
Another shot of Mr. Dairy, the only fully 3D-sculpted character in Food Rocks
smell boxes
The lobby area of Food Rocks featured smell boxes.
Near the smell boxes was a display with different types of foods
Created April 2001
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