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Topiary lining the entrance when it was Mickey's Birthdayland
The entrance sign for when it was Mickey's Starland
An arial shot: unlike Toontown Fair, the only solid house was Mickey's. To the right of his house are facades for Minnie's house and Scrooge's mansion.
Another area shot
Cornelius Coot
Sitting on a fountain in the middle of Birthdayland is Cornelius Coot, the founder of Duckburg (the setting of Birthdayland). Coot still remains in the current Toontown Fair, but instead of on a fountain, he sits in the middle of a small corn garden.
Duck County School
Huey, Dewey, and Louie's school
Goofy's Clip Joint
Goofy's Clip Joint Barber Shop
A green building with the date 1928 on it (Mickey's birth year)
Gyro's house
The home of famed Duckburg inventor Gyro Gearloose
Gyro's house
Gyro's house again
Donald's boat
The predecessor to the Miss Daisy in Toontown Fair was the S.S. Donald Duck seen here. Like most of the buildings in Birthdayland, Donald's boat was another facade.
Candy Store
Candy Store
Minnie Moo
Minnie Moo at Grandma Duck's Farm - the farm would get turned into Goofy's Barnstormer for Toontown Fair
Mickey zooms by. To the right of Duckburg News is HD&L Toys (Huey, Dewey, & Louie), and to the right of that is Minnie's Dress Shop
The playground by the train station - Toon Park is the current playground at Toontown Fair
Mickey's clothes
Mickey's clothes hanging on a clothesline outside his house
Inside Mickey's house - this was probably his study
More of Mickey's house
Mickey's kitchen
neon Ducks
A neon Donald and Daisy
Scrooge McDuck
Inside one of the tents there were a lot of cutouts to take pictures with, such as Uncle Scrooge.
Launchpad McQuack
A Launchpad cutout
A Nephews cutout
No Such Varmint
A cutout of the Carl Barks comic "No Such Varmint"
Another comic cutout
Bullet Valley
A cutout of Barks' "Bullet Valley"
A cutout of Floyd Gottfredson's "Mickey Mouse Outwits the Phantom Blot"
Sorcerer's Apprentice
Sorcerer's Apprentice cutout
In one of the tents, there was a birthday show for Birthdayland
More of the birthday show
Mickey finally gets his surprise in the show
When Birthdayland changed to Starland, the show changed to feature the Disney Afternoon characters. Here, Goofy and Max from Goof Troop come out.
Darkwing Duck comes out
Baloo and Louie from TaleSpin come out
Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers have a chat with Max
The whole gang
Toontown Fair
The shape of things to come
newspaper clip
Segment from the newspaper "Walt Disney World News - 1988 Summer Edition"
A Birthdayland postcard
Another Birthdayland postcard
Walt Disney World Books and Music on Amazon.com
  • Walt Disney World: A Magical Year By Year Journey
  • Walt Disney World 15th Anniversary Edition
  • The Story And Song From The Haunted Mansion
  • Walt Disney World Official Album
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  • Walt Disney World Millennium Celebration
  • The Magic of Disneyland and Walt Disney World
  • Disney's Electrical Parade (Original Version / Live)
  • Disney Magic Kingdom Event Party Music CD
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